Marna is still doing what she always does, Entertaining people, with a combination of Jazz, Blues and comedy thrown in for good luck.
She is probably one of the only true woman saloon singers left in the business.
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Marna, has been doing a Liz Taylor look alike for many years now. Always being asked in normal life, where ever she went, if she WAS Liz Taylor, she decided to go ahead and do a look alike.
Marna has appeared as Liz at numerous corporate parties and conventions.
Once in a while if there is a live band at these functions Liz sings, which puts a little different spin on things.
Marna appeared in Chicago and New York as Liz in the cabaret comedy Dressing Room Divas, which ran for over a year.
Always the consummate professional, Marna will add piazzas to your function as Liz Taylor.
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