Marna the 'Last Lady of Song' ,a native of Chicago, is back doing what she always did.
She's entertaining people, with a combination of Jazz, Blues, and Comedy thrown in for good luck.
She is probably one of the only true women saloon singers left in the business.
The Saloon singer performed at many places in Chicago such as the Ritz Carlton, The Chicago Cultural Center Concert,
The Bernie Mac Show, Park West and dozens of other venues.
The 'Last Lady' has done plays and other shows, as well as taking her act to New York and few years ago.
Marna got married and has been traveling with her husband, a computer consultant, for six years and recently has returned to Chicago to resume her 'career'. The 'Last Lady' is an entertainer and loves to have other singer sit in with the band when she performs.
At her last gig at the Big House she had 10 singers perform and the audience loved it. 'It was just like a variety show'
one of the satisfied audience members quipped.
Working with a trio up to a Big Band, the 'Last Lady' is a touch bawdy and loves to have fun with the audience.
'I really don't take myself too seriously, I just love to perform and have fun. I'm a big ham and love every aspect of show business.
People have tried to say that MARNA is like Judy Garland , Bette Middler, or somebody, but they can't quite pin it down.
That's because she has her own entertaining style that is MARNA.
She's not an imitator as many performers are.
It has ofter been said that everything old is new again. Marna appeals to people of all ages.
The public wants to entertained again and MARNA is the answer.
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