Marna with Jane Byrne, the first female Mayor of Chicago,IL (April 16, 1979 to April 29, 1983)
Jane Byrne said of Marna, that she sang the song "chicago' better than Sinatra. The Last Lady doesn't know about that, but was very honored.

Marna with Keely Smith, who became famous as the duet partner of Louis Prima and jazz music. She eventually had very successful solo career. It was a real pleasure to be with Keely Smith. She is a great lady and still sounds great.

Marna with Tony Bennett Marna actually had the great pleasure of singing for Mr. Bennett. This is one of the nicest men there is in Show Business.

Marna with Sonny King, a great Vegas performer, also known as the entertainer's entertainer. Sony King is a very good friend of 'The last Lady', He was responsible for many gigs for Marna and is still a great pal.

Marna and the Band
Pete Castranova,Jim Cox and Tom Muellner,

Marna with Peter Allen Discover by Judy Garland and married her daughter Liza Minnelli. He was not only a beloved performer, ut also a Oscar-winning songwriter. Peter Allen was one of my favorites. A great talent and a really nice guy. We shall miss him.

Marna and friends (left to right)
Producer David Cerda and Producer Chris
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